¡Yo tengo! ¿Quién tiene? as a Digital Extension Activity

¡Yo tengo! ¿Quién tiene? is always a fun activity in my classroom. So much so, that my students beg to play again after each round.

If you've tried this game in class, you may also know that it can be CHAOS. Students can get rowdy and cause a lot of noise which can be fine at times but this digital option is the solution you're looking for if you want to tone it down a bit as a classroom option in the future.

With the complete flip from being in the classroom to teaching from home in front of the computer, I wanted to keep some of the activities that my students love and are familiar with. Then, BOOM, BOOM Cards came along (pun intended, haha) and I had the idea to create this I Have..Who Has? game digitally.

You haven't heard of BOOM Cards?? Check out this quick post about to use them here!

Ok, now back to the digital spin on I Have...Who Has.

How do students play? 

Students will see one large card and four other cards. Each card has ¡Yo tengo! and ¿Quién tiene? as a start card. The first large card starts the game and will also end the game.

Looking at the image below ¿Quién tiene?. Students will be looking for the vocabulary that answers the question and matches the image. See the image below. Students will be looking for los labios. 

Once the student clicks the correct answer, they will automatically be taken to the next card. The cycle continues until the student has completed all the cards.

My students always had fun trying to get to the end as fast as they can. This can still be the case with the digital version. 

Challenge students to finish in certain amount of time. Have a mini competition between the students to make them excited about a familiar class game. Post winners in the class LMS to spice things up. 

Can students play more than once? 

Students can play as many times as they want! Once the deck has been assigned, the students can go back to play or practice.

How do I assign the deck? 

1. Go to your library
2. Click Action and a DROP menu should appear
3. Decide which way you want students to play.
      Play options: Assign, FastPlay, Hyperlink

Check this post to better understand assigning options. How to Assign Boom Cards

Can I see their progress? 

You can see student progress with a Power or an Ultimate Membership account.

Can I hide cards? 

With ¡Yo tengo! ¿Quién tiene? Cards, you are not able to hide cards. Each card in linked and is needed to proceed through the game!

How can I use these cards in the classroom?

These decks are great for digital distance learning for many reasons. Review, contact with the language, a little competition to keep the spark alive as if you're still in the classroom are a few ways. 

In physical classroom these ¡Yo tengo! ¿Quién tiene? Cards can also work to your advantage. 

They can be used as a homework review, fast-finisher activity, and even as a station activity while students are reviewing! 

So, are you still wondering how this will work for students digitally? 

Check out this quick video preview!

Are you ready to try out this digital activity with your students? Yes! Then, click here to see all the ¡Yo Tengo! ¿Quién tiene? Boom Card Sets!

Drop a comment if you have more questions or to let me know how the activity went if you've tried it! 💕💚


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