Get Your Students Moving with Bellringer Task Cards

Do you use activities that get your students moving?  I love activities that incorporate movement into activities and lessons. I wanted a way to get my students moving and active from the time they walked through the door.

Using bellringer task cards with students helps get the class started with a bang. They are up and moving, reviewing, and collaborating in from the time they walk through the door.

Bellringer task cards are a little different from regular task cards. There are 12 cards in a set and students answer six of those questions for a bellringer. I get two days use out of the set because students answer the questions that they didn't answer day before. The students record answer on the small answer sheet.

Task cards! There are many benefits to using task cards, especially in the World Language classroom. I love task cards!

Here's why I love task cards!

1. Student Collaboration

Students help each other out while trying to answer their questions and that is wonderful for cooperative learning and collaboration.

2. Student engagement

I've seen more engagement in my students with these task cards at the start of class because they are up and have a task versus sitting and possible still fumbling through their things like they don't have anything to do yet.

3. Self-pace

Students answer the questions at their own pace but because they only have to answer 6 of them. They are usually finished or close to finishing by the time I've taken attendance and gotten settled for class. No one likes to feel rushed. Traditional task cards offer even more pacing for students because there are more cards.

4. Check for Comprehension

Super quick and easy for comprehension check. You can have students pass and check, collect them to grade, or have students keep them as a reference at least until the second day of questions for the set. As teachers, we are constantly checking for comprehension to guide instruction.

Try out this FREE set of bellringer task cards are a review with students. Working on a specific unit? Check out the bellringer task cards that are available.

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