Brain Break : Sequence Frenzy

This brain break is something I had to do in a meeting to get us up and awake. Gotta love meetings right! Haha. 

It was only used with numbers 1,2, and 3 but I realized it could be great for numbers practice of teaching numbers in the target language. 

It’s a back and forth exchange between partners. It was perfect timing because it was the beginning of the semester and we were doing the Super 7. One of my students kept counting on her fingers to get to six to make sure she had it to say how many people are in her family. After doing this activity with sequence 2-4-6, she hasn't counted to make sure she had six correct again. 

This activity will surely have your students practicing numbers and laughing it up as they try to remember what number they are on. 

Sequence Example

Student 1 - uno 
Student 2 - dos 
Student 1 - tres 
Student 2 - uno 
Student 1 - dos 
Student 2 - tres 

It’s a fun brain break that gets students thinking and focused but it also helps students learn to laugh at mistakes because you can’t help but to make mistakes during this activity. Students are also practicing numbers actively and having fun. 

Here are some different sequences. 


Try it out and let me know how it goes in the comments. 🙃

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