Boom Cards from the Student View

So, I created a student account on Boom Learning because I wanted to be able to see what my students saw when they use the app or when signed into their accounts.

There are a few things that I want to share just to give a better idea of what is going on when students are working on your assigned BOOM Cards!

Sign in Options

There are two ways to sign into the Boom Learning Platform or application. Students can sign in with BOOM information or Google Accounts.

- Boom Sign in 

This option is great for teachers that don't want students to have to use emails. Boom can generate usernames and passwords for students to log in. All you have to do is share them with them. They can change their password in the platform if they need to and you also have access to change those passwords.

- Google Sign in 

This option is perfect for integration with the Google Classroom and Google Schools!

                                                                  Boom Log-In


When students log in they will see a list of all their name, an avatar, some icons that may have numbers beside them, and a list of assignments they have been assigned previously. 


For students to see progress, they should look to the green circle. This circle shows whether the student has completed all the cards in the given assignment. As the students answer more questions, the light green circle with turn dark green. Once the entire deck of Boom Cards has been completed, the circle will be completely dark green.

Progress and Mastery of Incomplete deck


Mastery will take more plays for the students. The progress bar should turn to dark green once all the questions have been completed once. For mastery, students will need to keep playing to master all the cards. This will turn the mastery circle from light blue to dark blue. The goal is for students to keep playing which is why Boom Cards are such a great way for students to review!
Progress and Mastery of Complete deck


Looking a little deeper into student progress and mastery of individual cards of the deck. When students click on the Progress or Mastery circle, they will be taken to a screen that looks like this!

This is an amazing option for parents to see student progress and for teachers. Teachers have this same view in their portal.

This view shows each time they answered questions in the deck, correctly or incorrectly. You can also see the amount of time it took students to answer questions.

Coins, Gems, Pulses

Students earn coins when they answer more difficult questions. They also get bonus coins by logging in frequently. Fill in the blank questions earn more coins than multiple choices. Multiple choice questions with four answer choices will receive more coins than two answer choices.

Gems are earned with students answer questions correctly with no wrong answers attempted.

Pulses are earned every time the question is answered corrected even if it has been previously answered incorrectly.

Gems and Pulses are rewards but coins can be used to purchase avatars.

Notebook Feature 

This feature is great for students struggling with certain tasks or types of questions. The notebook feature allows students to keep track of cards that may be difficult or giving them some trouble. 

This is what the notebook feature will look like for students. They will see all the cards they have marked for later study or review. 

- Remember

How do students get cards into the Notebook? Easy.

On each card there is a Remember button with a Star ⭐️.  When a student clicks the Remember button, it should turn yellow and then goes into the Notebook.

- Test Card or Show Answer

Once the card is in the Notebook, there are two options for the student. If a student wants to practice the skill more, the can use Test Card and answer that question again without going through the entire deck to find it. 

They can also use the Show Answer feature if they are still stumped. 

I hope this will give you a better idea of what your students see when they're completing assignments!

- Jade

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