How to Assign Boom Cards

There a few ways that you can assign Boom Cards to your students! This post is a response to questions that I've received about how to assign Boom Cards. I wanted to write this quick post as a way to help you better understand the options.

First things, first! You should be signed into your Boom Learning account. You should see this bar at the top of your screen.

Next stop, click Library to see all the Boom Card Decks. 

You're almost there!! For the deck that you want to assign, click the blue Action drop down box. 
From that menu, you will see many options to assign the desired deck to your class. There are three ways to get students working on Boom Card decks.

1. Assign

When you click ASSIGN, you will be prompted to choose a class that will complete the deck as an assignment. 

By using Assign, you will be able track student progress. You can track time spent on each questions, questions answered correctly/incorrectly, fastest responses, time spent on overall assignment, best time, last time, average, and more. 

Using the Assign function is the only way to access this data. 

With this method, students will just log into the platform with their given username and passwords and complete the digital task card deck. 

2. FastPlay

This method is a shortcut for students to play instantly. Students do not have to log into student accounts to play. 

The FastPlay option with generate a pin for students to play. The pin expires in 14 days and give students time to complete the assignment. 

This method will yield in data like the Assign method. No reports will be generated. 

Attach this link to an assignment in your Google Classroom or required learning management system. 

3. Hyperplay Link

Students only need to click on the link to begin play. 

This link is designed to be integrated with learning management systems. Students will be automatically graded and a report will also be available when using HyperPlay. 

Students will be prompted to sign in and can sign in with Google or another email in order to play. 

Attach this link to an assignment in your Google Classroom or required learning management system. 

More Boom Card questions? Drop a comment below and let me know if I can help explain something! 

- Jade  

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