How to Track Student Progress with BOOM Cards

Boom Cards at Boom Learning are a great tool for teachers and students! With BOOM Cards, students have access to interactive and engaging activities to help learn and review class content. 

These digital task cards are great for teachers because they are self-grading and provide soooo much valuable data! 

Students must have an account in order for teachers to be able to track data. However, you can import students from Google Classroom and there is an option for you to add students that will generate a username and password for them to use on the app or website. 

Want to know how to check that data? 

When you log into BOOM learning, there should be five options at the very top of your screen. Click Reports.

When you are in reports, your classes should be over to the left of the screen. In order to view reports, you need to click on a class and the deck that you assigned.

For each BOOM Card deck, a quick report will populate to show student progress. You can see how long it took to complete, the amount of questions that were correct/incorrect, and their best and last runs. You can also print the reports if necessary.

You can also receive live updates of student progress if you click GO LIVE.

Looking for even more detailed data? 

Click on the name of the student you're tracking.

All of the assigned BOOM decks should populate.

Click on the deck that you want to track. You can see a log of when the student was on the site, seconds/minutes it took to answer questions for each time the deck has been played. Also, hovering over the red bar with show you which questions students answered incorrectly.

Boom Cards are very popular for distance learning! If you want to know more about BOOM cards check my post Discover Boom Card with Students for Distance Learning!

Check out what these teachers had to say about BOOM Cards!

- Very engaging, effective, productive, and provides great feedback!
- Thank you for this resource, my students really enjoy BOOM decks!
- I love these interactive activities! Thanks

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