Discover Boom Cards with Students for Distance Learning

Who doesn't love using task cards? Right! Everyone does! Using them gives students a chance to work at their pace and collaborate. Boom Cards at Boom Learning can do the same thing for students. Boom Cards are digital task cards that give students INSTANT feedback. That alone is AMAZING! 

The question types will vary by set but some include fill in the blank, drag and drop match, multiple choice and more. 

How to get started: 

Boom Learning has a free membership and some paid membership. 


Guess what though?

Right now the company is offering teachers the ULTIMATE membership through June 2020 to help during the current transition into digital. 
Oh and with that free ultimate membership you’ll get access to student data, unlimited self-made desks, 8 sections to keep your classes separate for up to 200 students!

Must have!

Create your account: 

Click SIGN IN ➡️Join for FREE ➡️ I'm a Teacher

You can JOIN with Google, school email, or Facebook. Then follow the steps for whichever you form you choose.

Add a classroom:  

Now you’re in! Great! You should see something like this...

Navigate to Classes.

Click New Classroom and you will be taken to a screen that prompts you to add a new student or multiple students. Or...Import a Google Classroom. 

The great thing is you can import students and create their accounts at one time. I chose the "Add Many Students" and it populated log in information (usernames and passwords) to share with the them. 

Assign a Boom Card Deck: 

Once you’ve purchased a set, go to your library. You should see the sets you've added to your library. For the set you want to assign, click the ACTION button and a drop down menu will appear. 

Fast Pin 

Are you in a rush? Want to get students started without the hassle of signing into accounts and waiting for everyone to get that done? Fastplay is the shortcut to avoid all of that. Get students started quickly by providing them a pin. There won't be any student reports generated. 

Hyperplay Link

This is a generated link that you can post in a Google Classroom or LMS (Learning Management System). It will prompt students to sign in and then they will begin to play the deck of Boom Cards! 

I really hope this helps you get started with Boom Cards. I know you’ll love them! 


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