Brain Break: Profe Dice

So I’ve been trying my brain breaks in my classroom this year just to get students up and moving and to have some fun. Using lots of Spanish can be a lot on brain for a new language learner. I definitely remember being when I started to watch TV in Spanish. It can be challenging.  

Profe Dice is my spin on Simón Dice and is a SUPER easy brain break to try out. It is a really fun way to get your students up and listen in the target language still but with very low pressure.

Profe Dice is also great to teach classroom commands, body parts, actions, and pretty much anything that’s kinesthetic and will get the kids moving. 

For example, some of the things that I use at the beginning of the school year related to commands that I’m going to use on a regular basis with students.

Levántense. - Stand up. 
Siéntense.  - Sit down. 
Escriban sus nombres. - Write your name.
Escuchen. - Listen. 
Presten atención. - Pay attention. 
Abren los libros. - Open your books. 
Cierran los libros. - Close your books.
Saquen los libros/los papeles. - Take out your books/papers.
Doblen los papeles. -  Fold your papers.  
Miren la pizarra. - Look at the board. 

Students can just go through the motions or actually open the book, close the book, or take out the paper as we go through Profe Dice.

As time goes on,  I start to add different things in like toca la nariz, la frente, el codo, etc. To introduce body parts more naturally than using a list. It would also be the perfect brain break while working on the body parts unit or a doler and injuries unit. 

The thing about this brain break is that you can do ANYTHING. You can even use the game to have students do silly things.

Salta y toca la cabeza. 

The most fun part is listening for Profe dice and making sure they’re paying attention. 

Click here to access this great 3 Poster Freebie to give you more ideas for Profe dice. 

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