10 Free Sites for Digital Distance Learning for World Language

Like many people right now, you may be scrambling to come up with 10 day plans or plans for digital learning indefinitely. With things unfolding as suddenly as they are it is stressful and difficult for teachers to come up with plans for digital learning. With challenges of not being 1:1, finances, and more having resources in your back pocket that are FREE are so important.

Below are some FREE distance learning options for World Language teachers. If you're having some trouble getting started with planning, this may be of some great help! In case you haven't used these sites before, they are linked in the titles.

1. Kahoot!

This student favorite is great for assessments and review. There are tons of already created vocabulary sets that you can copy and make edits for your students. There are different ways to play for students.

Kahoot is also providing free access to Kahoot! premium for schools affected by the coronavirus for the remaining months of the academic year.

2. Quizziz

This is an interactive platform that can be used for practice or assessment. Pick a Quizziz assignment that is already made or start from scratch. Either way, you can make it work for you students and where they are. It works seamlessly with Google Classroom and is great for students to work at their own pace.

3. Gimkit

This is a rising star educational games. Great for review and self-pacing! Students are exposed to vocabulary multiple times throughout their session.

Gimkit is also doubling the Kit limit for Gimkit Basic so that teachers can create more kits to use with students in remote learning environments. The extra Kits stay in your account forever.

If you're considering upgrading, it allows you to make assignments and it keeps records of the grades. Check out here. You can also create classes to keep track of all your students easily.

4. Quizlet 

Great tool for studying vocabulary and practice. There are millions of sets created that can be copied and edited to meet the needs of your classrooms. Quizlet also has games that can be played to practice vocabulary. Quizlet Live is also a great way to keep students connected even if they aren't together. Set a time for students to play together, send the code and get started!

5. Duolingo for Schools 

Many know Duolingo as the app for language learning but there is also a site for schools. Teachers can create an account, add students, and assignment XP points or lessons for students to complete. The grades will be recorded in the teacher account.

6. Conjuguemos

This site has conjugation practice for all types of verbs and language and vocabulary practice. Languages included are Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, Italian, Korean, and Latin.

Spanish even has listening activities with questions for students. Students can create accounts for FREE and assign themselves to a teacher with a code.

7. 1,2,3, Teach Me

This site has Spanish games, verb conjugation practice and a variety of activities for students to continue practicing and developing language learning.

8. Spanish Dict

This site is known for a dictionary but also has lessons for grammar with practice quizzes for students.

9. BBC Language

This site offers free online language learning activities for Spanish, French, German, Italian, Greek, Chinese, Portuguese and 33 more languages.  There are courses, video and games, audio for listening practices and more.

10. Revista Literal by Martina Bex 

This is the Spanish teacher jackpot for comprehensible reading! You can do so much to make this work for distance learning. Assign a story and create a Google Form Quiz, Quizziz, Quizlet, or any other sites that allow you to practice vocabulary.

UPDATE: I'll be adding more resources that will help as I find them! 

11. Señor Wooly

If you haven't checked out Señor Wooly by Jim Wooldridge, now is the time to see why teachers rave about it! He is offering a TWO WEEK FREE TRIAL for teachers to use with students AND free online training to help to get students set up into the platform! This could be a great relief to stress to sudden closures. Click the green link at the top of the website and get started!

12. Fluency Matters

Fluency Matters is offering FREE E-learning and lesson plans to schools facing COVID-19. There are FREE 21 day learning subscriptions for books for Spanish, French, German, Latin, French, and Chinese. Update ➡️ Fluency Matters has also created 70+ Pages of cultural reading material. You just click the link and enter your name and email for access! 

13. Zoom

Zoom is a videoconferencing site that has a free version. Zoom has lifted the 40 min limit for teachers. All you have to do is sign up with your school email and fill out a form. This could be a great option if you have to or need to see your students. Great for CI and continuing to give students the exposure to the TL that they need.

14. El Tuerto Guty 

If you want to continue FVR with students but don't have a way to get them books, check out this site. This author is offer]ing a PDF Novel FVR Extravaganza for FREE. This could be a great digital replacement.

Last but not least, the teachers of Teach More Spanish understand the struggles that teachers all over the world are facing. To help out we've marked free resources and made some resources free to help lighten the load. Search #COVID19WL to find all the goodies on Teachers Pay Teachers.

15. Boom Cards

Boom cards are digital task cards that are very engaging for students! This platform is offering the Ultimate Membership to teachers for free for through June 2020!

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