5 Growth Mindset Tips for CI Teachers

So, during one of our staff development meetings we read an article about growth mindset with students. We, as teachers, are constantly trying to promote a growth mindset view with our students. We are trying to encourage them and let them know that they can do better. We let them know that there is always room for growth, but what about growth mindset for us?

That was one of the questions posed during our meeting. How can we have a growth mindset as teachers?

That really made me reflect because this is my second year of teaching with comprehensible input and I know it times that I can get down on myself. I get frustrated about an activity not going the way that I planned or wanting to do more strategies.  It's encouraging and can be slightly stressful seeing how people more advanced than me are doing things I want to try, but I'm just not there yet. That is fine. 

Comprehensible input is a great way to teach your students for comprehension and communication and it really benefits the students but we also have to remember to give ourselves grace.

So, this blog is for all of the teachers that want to try to see out CI strategies. You should always strive for progress over perfection because we’re always learning.

That’s what’s great about having a growth mindset as a teacher, you can always get better.
You can always try a new strategy.
You can always have eureka moment when you realize what your students can do with language.

Here are five things that I want you to think about every single time you feel like you can’t do it or frustrated with your situation or how things are not going your way.

#1 - Talk to a teacher friend.

Department of 1 here! I have to rely on my colleagues and amigas de Instagram for support when I'm trying out something new. I talk to them about what I'm working on (even if they don't completely understand) and it's a great sounding board and way to get out all my anxiety and excitement. Sometimes they do have ideas and I'm like...that's GENIUS!

It's even better for you if you have other World Language teachers in your department. There is someone to lean on right across the hall and that is SO VALUABLE

#2 - Try new strategies and experiment! 

The types of activities that you can incorporate into your classroom are limitless. Check out these blog post for more explanations on how to do some the activities below. 

Special Person Interviews

Picture Talk  


#3 - Use blog post as resources! 

Again, I'm in my second year of CI and there are soooooo many things that I still want to try out. Even though I'm just starting out, there are tons of resources available. There are so many blogs that have great tips and strategies to help figure it out. Check out these blog post. 

Teaching CI with a Textbook by Srta Spanish

#4 - Don’t be afraid to fail! 

Sometimes you will try activities and I assure you....it will be a dumpster fire. 😂I have definitely tried activities and didn't like how they turned out. It will happen because teaching is about trial and error. Those activities that were awful in some groups were amazing in others. Your students will  understand if a new activity doesn't work out perfectly. Tweak it and try it again. Give yourself some grace. 

#5 - Don’t give up!

Keep incorporating those CI strategies. You'll be so glad when you see the results of your students being able to understand Spanish and use it conversationally.  The communication will be basic and gradual but know that it is progress and you are helping them begin to develop a tool that is SO VALUABLE

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