¡Colorea por número! - A Spin on Color by Number Activities

Do you love to color? I enjoy it and it can be oh so relaxing. Color by number activities have been popular with teachers for many reasons. I know I did color by number activities when I was in school. 

Why do teachers normally use color by number activities?
  • Fast finisher activity
  • Before break activity for last days
  • Holiday themes
  • Encourage focus
  • Improve fine motor skills
  • Days when you just can't (let's be honest! It happens...)
I wanted the Color by Number activity used in my class to be engaging and to go beyond reviewing colors, just coloring, and holiday themes before breaks.  

I've used them for those reasons but I never had any for units or lessons. There weren't any out there to fit into lessons that I created. So......I put a spin on my color by number activities by adding questions that students have to answer in order to find the colors in the color by number. 

Each activity includes 12 questions and each correct answer will give students the color they need. 
For example, if a student answers number 1 and the color to the correct answer is red, all the 1's will be colored red. 

First learning and review. 📚 Then coloring and fun.🎉

Colorea por número or Color by Number activities are now great resources for: 
  • sub plans
  • classwork
  • station activities
  • vocabulary practice and image recognition
  • homework
  • fast-finishers
  • review after holiday breaks
  • test review
  • quiz
  • extra credit
  • reviewing colors in Spanish

Question types: 
  • vocabulary riddles
  • image recognition for vocabulary
  • reading comprehension
  • comprehension questions from graphics
If you're looking for a way to spice up 🌶your unit or review with students AND try out Colorea por número activities, click here to see all the available themed activities. 😆Don't see a themed that you'd like to try, tell me about it. 🙃


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