Brain Break: Chocolate

Are you like me? I kept hearing about this fun brain break for students but had no idea what it was or how to do it! 

It’s funny because now that I know what it it’s, it’s a childhood hand game that I played all the time. The only difference is the words. 

I’m from South Carolina and we used the words below instead of chocolate. 

Double double - this this
Double double - that that 
Double this - double that 
Double double - this that

I don’t think it really matters what words you use as long as it fits with the tune. 

I wanted to try this brain break with my students after seeing Annabelle also known as  La Maestra Loca do it in a session at CI Midwest. 

To spice it up a bit, I created the slides for my students to see how each syllable is broken down in the words for the brain break. 

It’s more for visual appeal because it helps students make connections to the Spanish cognates that I have used instead of chocolate. Check out this video to see this fun activity in action

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