Gimkit: A Game-Changer for your Classroom!

What is Gimkit? 

Have you heard? There’s a new game in town! Gimkit is a game created by a HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT for HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS! It. Is. Awesome! I have students ask on a regular basis to play Gimkit. 

Gimkit allows students to review vocabulary in a game format. For each question, students earn a dollar amount instead of points. The leaderboard shows the amount of money collected as a class but also the amount earned by each individual student.

I tried out Gimkit last year and my students enjoyed it. It just keeps getting better. Get ready to hear about all the ways Gimkit is improving for students and teachers. You won’t be disappointed with student engagement and enthusiasm while playing this game! It can be used to review vocabulary from a story or unit. 

How do students play? 

Choose the Kit that you want your students to play and choose the settings.

Students will sign into the game with a unique like other platforms like Kahoot and Quizlet. Students will answer questions individually relating to the content or Kit that is being played.

I love that students play the game individually. Yes, everyone is logged into the same game but students answer questions on their own. How well a student does in the game depends on their knowledge of content alone. It allows students to get a better idea of what they know individually. Students are focused and engaged with the content.

Your students will love using the powerup option of the game.  Students can buy different powerups with the money earned from answering questions correctly.

This is only a fraction of al the powerups that keep students engaged. These are the powerups I see the most with my students.

  • "Ice" students freezing their game play.  
  • "Link" to students and earn what they earn for 60 seconds. 
  • "Subractor" takes 20% of any players earning. 
  • "Shield" prevents others from negatively impacting your game play for 3 minutes

P.S. If students get a little heated because they don't like getting "iced", you can allow only clean powerups to keep the peace.

Is Gimkit free?

Yes! Gimkit is FREE. You can search all you want and use previously made kits. You can make 3 kits of your own before having to upgrade. There are many previously made kits that may meet the needs of your students.

However, there are plans available that allow to unlock all features. I decided to bite the bullet because I wanted to make kits tailored to CI stories and activities with my students. It has definitely  been worth it!

How do I Create a Kit?

You first have to name the kit, choose the language, and subject. Then, you choose a gif or meme to represent the Kit set.

You have many options from there. You can:

  • Import flashcard sets from Quizlet which is a really huge time saving option. 
  • Add your own questions with answer questions 
    • you can even add images and audio as a part of the questions and answers
  • Allow students to create with KitCollab
  • Add questions from a Question Bank
  • Import from a Spreadsheet
I always import from Quizlet because more than likely I've already use Quizlet tools and played Quizlet Live with my students. 

What are advantages to classes and assignments?

Where do I even start? Classes and assignments are a part of the Pro subscription for Gimkit! 

I created different classes for my students with their names entered the way I'd like them to be seen. When choosing a game for students to play, I can add the class I want and that cuts out crazy and inappropriate names on the game board. 

Assignments are great because you can task students with an amount to earn. Use it as a station, a homework assignment, and classwork assignment for students to work at their own pace. 

It provides you with the grade by accuracy for each student. It will show who completed the assignment on time, late, and who hasn't completed the assignment at all. 

I don't assign homework very often but when I assign Gimkit homework, I don't get any complaints because they love to play it. 

Have you tried Gimkit? Do you want to give it a try now? I really hope this helps you decide to give it a try! 


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