8 Great Games and Activities for Stations

Stations are a great way to give students a variety of practice during a class period or over two class periods. Once you students go through stations once or twice, they hop write into the activities because they understand the transitions and routine of what they are doing.

Students are engaged in small groups and are able to help each other review and learn. Some students learn best from peers and that's another reason that stations are so great for cooperative learning.  If you want to give stations a try, here are some games that would be great to try out for review purposes. These games and activities are students-centered and will allow you to rotate the room easily to assess student progress and facilitate while students are learning the activities. Here are eight games and activities what will be great for stations in your class.

#1 Bananagrams

Bananagram is a pretty seamless activity to incorporate. It's very similar to Scrabble but students get to make their own words and are not required to connect their words with other students. I love that it is very self-paced. This game is great for practicing vocabulary and spelling in Spanish. Students realize how much they remember and how much they can produce while using this activity. (Click here to see more ways to play!)

#2 Entrevistas Persona Especial Conversation Cards

This activity is great to get students speaking in Spanish. I usually give one set are cards for a pair but groups of four also work well.  Students use sets of conversation cards to ask each other questions in Spanish. Great station for the students that love to talk. :)

#3 ¡SEIS!

This game is the favorite of my students! One pencil. Two students. Who will finish first? My students love racing to write vocabulary or phrases in Spanish. There are so many ways to play this game and each time it is a hit. Click here to see how we play SEIS.

#4 Memory Game - ¡Qué Memoria! 

Memory games are great for students that need to work at their own pace. Use memory cards to help students review vocabulary and grammar. I use memory cards for Spanish-English vocabulary but prefer Spanish with image recognition to help students make better connections in the target language.

#5 Puzzles

Use of puzzles is another way for students to work at their own pace. I love to use vocabulary puzzles with images with my students to help them make better connections to the vocabulary. Puzzles are also going to help students work on those critical thinking skills.

#6 Quizlet

QUIZLET! This site is one of my go-to sites. I love using Quizlet to review with students! Quizlet has a variety of functions that serve as great tools for students. Students can review with flashcards, take practice test, play games, and practice spelling. Quizlet Live could also be an option if the station have a least four students!

#7 Carrera Board Game

Board games. Some of my students get really excited about board games.  This game is great to get students talking and using vocabulary. For novice learners, students roll the dice and say the vocabulary word that they land on. For novice learners that are developing, they write or say a sentence using the vocabulary or phrase in Spanish. It really pushes students to be creative.

#8 Doodle Questions

No prep life saver. This activity has saved me so many times. Doodle questions are themed and fit into any lesson or unit. Students decode messages or vocabulary and draw images to represent the Spanish vocabulary or phrase. Great for students that love puzzles and drawing.


I want to hear from you. I'm always looking for new games and activities to use in class or for stations. What kind of activities or games do you use in your stations? Let me know what has worked for you in stations in the comments below!

I'd love to see if you try out any of these activities in your stations. Tag me on Instagram @lasecundaria_jac so that I can see all the fun you guys are having! :)

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