2 Ways to Play Matamoscas

I'm a huge fan of games that keep my students engaged in the target language. Matamoscas is a game your students will love. Your students will love it because it sooooo much fun and they can get a little competitive. It'll fit greatly into your classroom because it a great game for vocabulary review. 

Matamoscas is great because while students are playing the game and having fun, they learn and review while building their listening skills in Spanish. 

What does Matamoscas look like in my classroom?

Matamoscas is a very popular game and it has been played so many ways in many different classrooms. In my classroom, our Matamoscas cards have images to represent vocabulary in Spanish. The cards are made with vocabulary themes like descriptions, school supplies and more.

Since I use images to help my students understand what is being communicated in Spanish, I want students to make connections to the vocabulary and images while playing games and doing other activities.

What do I need?

You're in luck because this game is NO PREP. Whattt?? Yes. You just print and GO! Unless you laminate the cards for longer use. I totally recommend laminating.

Materials needed: 

Matamoscas game cards 
Dry erase markers and erasers

2 Ways to Play

I want to tell you the two most frequent ways we play Matamoscas. I can't decide which one is my favorite. Students get excited and have a blast with both way. 

Pair Play

Student will play with a student sitting close to them. Both students will need a dry erase marker to mark what they’ve found. 

How to play: 

- Give each pair a game card and markers and erasers. 
- Call terms for student to find. 

Whole Class Play 

This method is more competitive because the class is split into teams. Two teams usually work perfectly. Depending on you class size you can decide is 3-4 teams would work. 

How to play: 

- Project the Matamoscas card onto a screen in your classroom
- Line students in their teams single file line in front of the room. 
- The students at the front of the line will play against each other and RACE to find the vocabulary word or phrase.

Each time someone from a team finds the word or image that best describes the vocabulary a point is earned. 

There are also two options for calling terms to students during the game. I’ve even let students take turns and call the terms or sentences. 

Vocabulary terms 
- This option is great for students learning new vocabulary. They are becoming more familiar with vocabulary in Spanish and still getting much needed input in the target language. 

Complete sentences
- This is great for developing students. I use a combination of short complete sentences and longer complete sentences to give my students more input in Spanish.

Matamoscas is a great option for stations and review. You have to try it out with students and get them pumped about learning in Spanish.

Have you used Matamoscas in your classroom? Are there any other ways you use Matamoscas or a version of it in your classroom? I'm always looking for new things to try in class.

- Jade

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