2 Activities First Day of Spanish Class

It’s that time again... Back to school! If you’re like me, you’re starting to think of activities that you can do for the first few days of school. Well, guess what?!? I have the solution. I have a couple games that never fail!

The Name Game - El Juego de los Nombres

Have you ever had students in your classroom that don’t know another students name (Even though, they’ve sat near them in other classes or in your class for most of the year.). 

I started playing this game with my students to help me learn their names and to help them learn more names of classmates. 

This game is the best because it’s a 2fer. You and students get to know each other and it’s a fun activity that will get students focused and engaged. It’s also instant comprehensible input in Spanish with structures they’ll need the entire year. 

How to Play:

Model saying “Me llamo” with your name and “Se llama” with another students name or spice it up with me this year with some famous people they already know. This will definitely lighten the mood and stress of immediately speaking in Spanish. This presentation is available for FREE in my Freebie Library accessed by subscribing to my mailing list.  The people in the presentation are people they should be able to easily identify.                                                                                                                               

Start the chain of introduction with yourself. Since you start by only saying your name, you will end the game by introducing ALL your students. Students have to remember all the names before them and introduce them. That’ll make them pay attention. 

For example: 

Me llamo Profe Collins. 
Me llamo Sara. — Se llama Profe Collins. 
Me llamo Ryan. — Se llama Sara. Se llama Profe Collins. 

Let the fun begin! There will be laughs and fun as the students go through all the names. The students will also love the added pressure of you eventually having to say all the names. 

Simón Dice with Classroom Commands
I love to teaching classroom commands with images and demonstration. What better way to teach commands than with a childhood classic? Simón Dice is a game that won't require much explaining and it's easy to model. 

Visuals are EVERYTHING in my instruction. I love to provide students with models via pictures and demonstrations to let them know what I want from them. 

As I teach the commands to students, I act out and display an image on the board to help them make connections. Don't give too many commands on Day 1 because....we don't want the students to be immediately overwhelmed. 

Initial Classroom Commands

Levanten las manos. 
Bajen las manos. 

The students practice these first commands together by doing them. It gets them moving, which they can definitely appreciate with 90 minute classes. 

You can also snag these posters/presentation by joining my mailing list. 

As the game progresses, think about adding other commands. 


This is a great review game for students going into Spanish 2 students. You can give a more extensive review of classroom commands with the more advanced students. Warm up those ears to the phrases they know they'll hear often. 

Have you ever tried these games on the first day of school? What are your go-to activities for the first day?

- Jade 

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