How to Engage with Easy and Fun Game ¡SEIS! in Class

Looking for a game that keeps your students engaged?

After a recent post on Instagram, I realized that some have not been introduced to the wonderful game of ¡SEIS!. It has been a great addition to the games/activities in my classroom. 

Try out this popular game that many teachers are using in their classrooms. ¡SEIS! is a very low prep game to incorporate into a lesson or use as an activity when you finish your lesson early.  

When I say low prep, I mean LOW PREP. You only need three things.


The game is so popular because it can be used in many ways. It can be used after introducing new vocabulary, after working with vocabulary for a little bit, in order to review for assessment, or just to HAVE FUN while learning! The options are plenty! :) ¡SEIS! is even used with grammar for conjugations in some classrooms. 


How to play ¡SEIS!:

¡SEIS! can be played in pairs or in groups. If played in groups, working with 3-5 students. Working with groups of 3-5 has been the max in my classroom and it is pretty easy to manage. 

Each person that is playing will have a game form. However, every person will NOT have a pencil. To play ¡SEIS!, each pair or group will only have ONE pencil. Players must roll the dice and roll a ¡SEIS! to be able to steal the pencil. Once the player has stolen the pencil, they fill in as many problems as possible before one of their opponents rolls a ¡SEIS! and steals the pencil. When the players roll ¡SEIS!, they must say it out loud to let the other players know.  (You'll hear ¡SEIS! plenty of times during this game!)

My students love to race to finish. The competition in the game makes them want to remember the vocabulary. 

A new way I've had students play ¡SEIS! in my classroom is with images for vocabulary. Students get the game form but instead of words, they label images as fast as they can. This helps my students make better connections to vocabulary and removes the use of English on the game form. 

¡SEIS! - School Supplies with IMAGES

¡SEIS! is a great game to try. It's been wonderful for keeping my students engaged, especially the students that aren't usually as interested in language learning because we always have at least one student that doesn't want to do any of the activities. Give ¡SEIS! a try and I'd love to hear how it works in your classroom.

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