Keep Your Students Engaged with Quizlet Live!

Looking for a way to keep your students engaged during a lesson....LOOK NO LONGER! Quizlet Live is a great option for pre-teaching vocabulary or vocabulary reinforcement with students and they will LOVE it.

Many have used Quizlet Live and discovered that it is a gem. If you haven't tried it....well, stop what you're doing and open the Quizlet website right now! Using Quizlet Live is so simple and low prep that you can't afford not to try it! One time is all you'll need to fall in love with this game.

Check out what you need to use Quizlet Live.

1. Teacher account for Quizlet (free account is fine)
2. Vocabulary Set in Quizlet
3. 1:1 devices for students OR let students use their phones to play

Keep in mind that if you don't have any sets created, there are TONS of sets previously loaded into Quizlet by other teachers and users. It's a simple as using the copy button to make sure you can edit and tailor to your needs. You could have a new vocabulary set in minutes!

Let me walk you through the steps to get a game started!

1. First, open your desired set for the game.

2. Then, click the LIVE button that should appear on your study set!

3. Choose create game. (The option in blue is a featured offered with an advanced account for Quizlet.)

4. Lastly, direct your students to Students will be prompted to enter a unique 6 digit code to enter the game you have created. 

After all your students have enters, Quizlet does the rest of the work. The students are separated into teams at random. You, as the teacher, has the option to shuffle the teams after each game has ended. Here is a HOW-TO video for visual learners! 

My students LOVE to play Quizlet live. It keeps them motivated and they get so into the game while helping each other with the vocabulary. Students learn to work together and collaborate. Students are also held more accountable for their learning! Knowing or not knowing vocabulary can be the difference between your team winning or losing (...and they don't want to lose!)

Check out other students playing Quizlet Live

Contagious right? Get on it! Give it a try! 

Incorporate Quizlet Live as a review or use it as a way to pre-teach! The options vary and either way the kids will LOVE getting to play. The benefits are limitless. 

Give it a try! 

- Jade ~ La Secundaria 

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